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History Of Timely Comics
Derek Santos Comic History
Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia
What Are Shoujo Manga?
- Read The History of Manga Comics
Rubens Menezes Brazilian Comic History
- Portuguese version only for now.
Fredric Wertham - Anti-Comics Crusader Who Turned Advocate
DC's Timeline
The Comics Archives
1930 Internet Resources
Comics Librarianship Resource Page
Scott Hollifield's Comic Page

Schools and students that have used this page.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Grade Five Page
Penn State University, The Popular Arts - find section on comic books.
Denise Logsdon Project #5 - See school assignment on comics.
American Civilization Check out responses to the Great Drepression
Taking Comics Seriously, A CS101 Project

Comic Information Pages

The New Comic Book Releases List
indy Magazine
Hey Kids! Comix!
Comic Book Legal Defence Fund
Collector Times Online
The Comic Book HomePage
Bland Magazine
CSN Survey Results

Returning Links

Strang-Frost Productions
Bill's Really Kewl Web Page
The Ororo Home Page
The Captain Chaos Cave
See! Comics
Penguin Palace
NightTime Comix Gallery
Khadro's Link Page
The French Letters - guess what? It's in french!
Cublic Zirconia - Chapter 4: Comics
Comics of the Atomic Age
Ngan Homepage
Worthy finds in today's badly-convoluted world of comics
Citizen Kane Gallery
Mikel Midnight's Home Page
Samy's Bachelor Pad
Arlatéo Productions
A Link Page Some of it is in a different language.
Applications Systèmes (mainly in French)
Håkan's homepage (it is in another language too)
Brave New World Back Issues
Genesis Comics
The 13th Comic Book Page
Comics (links)
Realm of the Mighty Happyman
The Info Service - Comic Links
Champions of the Galaxy - Wrestling Game
Sky's Page - Love recipies? Go here!
Arlateo's Link: Comics & Animation

My Cover Scan Sources

The 100 Greatest Comic Books
20 More great Comic Books
Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index
Anthony's Comic Book Cover Scan Page
Image Comics Cover Scans
The Spider-Man Cover Gallery
The Alpha Fligtht Character Database
Frank Miller Library
Jack Kirby's Fourth World
Comic Book Covers From The 1940s
Captain Marvel Cover Gallery

Fantastic Link Pages!

Comic Sites Alliance
List of DC Comics Related Web Pages
Digital Webbing
Comic Book Resources
Comic Book Collecting Web Page
Comic Links Central
Aardvark's Link O'Rama
The Wraithspace Comics Index
Cerebus the Gopher / Negative Space - Comics
Comics Media Archives
Comic Links
Mikel's Golden Age Comics Page

Other Great Web Pages

Official Popeye Fanclub
The Unofficial Popeye Page
Unofficial Savage Dragon Page
Avengers Assemble!
Hawkeye the Marksman Home Page
The Comic Book/Movie Connection
Unofficial Amazing Spider-Man Page!!
Steve Ditko
The Women of Marvel Comics!
The Villains of Marvel Comics!
The Second-Stringers of Marvel Comics!
The One True Guy Gardner Home Page
The Immortal Doctor Fate
Leave it to Chance
Timely Comics
Friends of the Phantom
The Comics Page - Amalgam Comics
Amalgam Comics 2
Crisis on Infinite Earths
The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths
The Unofficial Spectre Homepage
Hawk & Dove
The Unofficial Suicide Squad Home Page
Teen Titans HomePage
Hawkman FAQ
Captain Mar-Vell, Protector of the Universe Entire
The Alternate History Homepage

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