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Hello everyone. My name is Jamie Coville and I am the author/editor of this web page. If you are wondering what makes a man create a web page like this, I'll tell you my little story. I was in school, learning about HTML when I was told by my instructor that I had to create a web page. Since comic books have been my premier hobby I decided the web page had to have something to do with them. But what was I going to do? I didn't want to do a comic character fan page because there were so many of them out there. I wanted to do something unique.

Upon doing some web surfing, I was shocked and surprised to find there weren't any web sites devoted to the history of superhero comic books. Since I had some information about that subject, I thought I would devote my web page to it. For the next two months, I spent most of my leisure time typing up and editing the history of superhero comic books. I worked long and hard to make sure that the page was educational, accurate and entertaining. I also had to search around for comic cover pictures and slowly one by one I got them (I am still looking for some). Today I am still adding comic cover pictures and have focused my research towards telling the biographies of those who made our comics what they are today. I update this page every month or two, depending on how much new information I have to add. I hope you find the page enjoyable. If you have any comments or questions (or see any flaws) please e-mail me about them.

Now on to the web page itself. Have fun!


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